What the Program Offers Participants
Participants enroll online or by telephone. They then have access to these program offerings:

  1. Coaching by phone and additional support via email, text, or instant message. Participants work with a coach to prepare a quit plan, set a quit date, understand tobacco triggers, manage cravings and address relapses. Coaches are available 24/7.
  2. A robust pharmacotherapy program that varies by client is offered.
  3. Planning and educational materials to help participants map out their road to quitting tobacco.
  4. Membership in an online community of others who are working to become tobacco free. 
Level of Participant Choice
Participants can pick and choose what parts and pieces of the quitline program work for them. The two components that we always encourage are NRT and coaching. Research shows that combining coaching and NRT gives tobacco users the best chance of quitting. Learn more about the specific quitline programs that participants can choose from.

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